Steps to creating a Video Series – Part 2

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Now before we dive into all the different types of videos you can do as a video series, (remember, we’re thinking one off videos aren’t enough these days, so how do we make it into a series?) I want to show you this cool template from the guys at These guys are the ones that I did the workshop up in Queensland with recently.

I just want to talk to you about who your ideal market is, and think about adopting this template. (If you want this template, please get in contact with the website down here, and you will come across Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins.)

Ask yourself:

“Who I am targeting and what is their budget?”

“What is their job?  How much do they earn?  What is their problem?  How can it be solved?  Can YOU solve it?”

“How does your video series adapt if your target audience has an increased budget?”

Have you done this yet yourself?  If you haven’t, you will not know who you’re talking to.

Let’s just break it down.

First all, come up with a name and an age for the person. Then once you’ve come up with a name and age, add the description. For example:


Mark Henderson 56 years old


Mark runs his own business with a  staff of just himself and 2 casuals.  His business hasn’t really grown over the last 5 years as his clients seem to have less and less generational loyalty to his firm.  Years ago, people would use his services and then their kids would and then their grandkids would also, but this is now diminishing.


He wants to create a profile as the local industry expert and eventually sell his business to someone who has similar values to him.


He’s finding it hard to break into social and online markets.  He has no consistent plan and is a bit lost when it comes to video which he knows he must adopt in this changing landscape.  However, he doesn’t want to appear in the videos himself.  He has a budget of about $1,000 to set up his profile and about $200 per video giving him a yearly budget of about $2,500 to make about 8 videos.

Get as specific as you can, but only in a couple of sentences. Put down his goals and aspirations. Why is he doing this? What are his problems that he’s facing?  Why is he finding it hard to go to that next level? This is exactly the same template, this time for Sophie, who is 35.  She’s a local retailer.


Sophie Allen 35 years old


Sophie is a local retailer who sells items for an average sales price of $40.  She has several employees who work on sales, customer service and ordering.  Each day she turns over approximately  $1,500 but by the time she takes out expenses she is netting about $225 per day or $1,237 per week. 


Sophie wants to double her income to $2,500 net per week.


Sophie currently works about 60 hours on her business both at work and at home.  This equates to about $20/hour and she realises that’s not sustainable.  She decides she’s going to bite the bullet and engage a local video company to interview her at the shop and discuss sales she has on and products she sells.  She is budgeting on one video per month at $250 per video plus $100 per video boost on Facebook.  This gives her a budget of $4,200 .  She needs to increase her sales by just 7% to break even on her investment.

Get really specific about her turnover, talk about her goals and aspirations, and then what is her problem and how are you going to solve it?  Now what this does, is it makes it really clear every time you post a video within your series who you’re talking to and how you can talk directly to them – how you can relate to them. This is the next step in my video series.

Next week we’re actually going to be focusing on how we plan the series and we’re going to be doing it on a “no dollar budget”. That’s right, how do we plan a free video series that costs nothing?

Any questions, just post them below. See you next time guys.

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Born and raised in the Riverina, Adam Drummond is an actor, presenter, and businessman with a history in real estate and the entertainment industry.  In May 2015, he combined his knowledge of business and his experience in front of, and behind the camera, to create – a 24-7 online TV and video stream of local content, including sports, news, business, and chat shows.  The platform is about to launch its network ReechTV with Adam looking to license the brand to other regional locations across the country as an App for both the iOS and android markets.  He is married to his high school sweetheart Melinda, and together they are raising two boys and a girl in their home town of Wagga Wagga.



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