AUSTRALIAN HOME ENERGY STORAGE systems have hit a record-breaking 1 gigawatt hour of storage capacity, equal to eight times that of the famous Tesla “big battery”, a new report from solar market research company SunWiz reveals.

The 2020 Australian Home Energy Storage Report also found that Australia’s storage capacity is set to grow dramatically in the near future, with  several large-scale projects under construction set to bring a further 500 megawatt hours in storage online.

SunWiz Managing Director Warwick Johnston said that, with over 70,000 battery systems now installed in homes, home energy storage is keeping power bills down and the lights on in Australian households.

“With power prices escalating and energy reliability often less than certain, smart Australian homeowners are investing in solar and battery systems that provide secure, reliable clean energy, all year around,” he said.

“We’re expecting further market growth in the coming year, with an expected 28,000 new battery and solar systems set to come online. The future’s looking sunny for home energy storage in this country.”

The report also revealed a drastic shift in state home energy installation rankings, with South Australia streaking ahead from first to fourth place, overtaking New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Key report findings

  • Smart Australian homeowners are saving on power bills by switching to reliable, secure home solar and battery systems, with 22661 installations in 2019

  • Australia’s battery capacity has reached 1 gigawatt hours – that’s eight times the capacity of the Tesla big battery.

  • Renewable energy storage capacity is growing rapidly, with a further half a gigawatt hour under construction across the country, securing cheap, reliable energy.

  • SA has streaked ahead on home solar and battery installations, leapfrogging from fourth to first place, with NSW installations dropping off.

Media release: AAP Medianet