Two blokes drop into a pub.
They wait for a mate.
They tell some yarns.
They tell some stories.
They have a laugh.… AND THEY HAVE A FEW QUIET ALES.
A FEW QUIET ALES… and the great Australian yarn, is a brand new show developed in the Riverina that is set to tour
the region in March 2020. From some of the team that bought you Backyard Ashes and Last Drinks and starring local
actors Peter Cox and Stephen Holt, it is full of tall stories, jokes and yarns.
The show introduces Fruitfly and Cactus, two friends at a bar waiting for Olemate. While waiting they reminisce about
Olemate and his many crazy adventures and in turn compete to create the Great Australian Yarn.
With some fun audience interaction (even a Chook Raffle!) and choc full of wonderful Aussie humour and language, this
is a performance that will engage all. Its humour is just the right medicine for those in regional communities right now.
So come along, hit the bar or bring an ‘Esky’ and ‘get that around ya’ laughing gear!’ because as Fruitfly says ‘You can’t
make this stuff up! See you there!
Wagga Wagga Premiere: The Sapphire Room, Romano’s Hotel, Friday March 13 & Saturday March 14 @ 7.30pm and
Sunday March 15 @ 4pm. Tickets $25 from or 02 6926 9688. Full bar facilities available
Oura: Oura Community Cultural and Arts Centre, Saturday March 21 @ 7pm. Tickets $20 at the door. Bring an Esky
Ganmain: Ganmain Hall, Saturday March 28 @ 7pm, Tickets $20 and can be purchased at Logan and Hitchens or at the
door. Bring an Esky
This production has been generally supported by Riverina Water, Romano’s Hotel and Eastern Riverina Arts.
CONTACT: Peter Cox, P: 0407 455 117 E: FB: thebrewerstroupe