Steps to creating a Video Series – Part 1

How and why you should be creating a video series as opposed to just having one off videos.

The first reason you should do this is because, if you do a video series you can create a journey for the audience over a period of time. You get a much longer shelf life than if you just have one video on display.  When you do a one off video, as soon as the audience has seen it, it’s over. They’re not going to watch that video again. Again, it’s a great opportunity for you to create a story for your viewers to watch.

It gives your audience a chance to join at different stages as well, so if you’ve got a 12 part series, and they come in at part one, that’s great, but then somebody else might find it at part five. It gives them an opportunity to go back to the start and watch, or pick up from where they have found it.
The other thing it does, is it allows you to use different types of video, so you’re not necessarily doing videos that are direct to camera, or videos that are heavily produced.
Here are some of the topics I’ll be going over in my video series:

  • The top three ideas for a video series to get you started. How to ensure you’ve got enough content. That’s really important, some people they start these things and then they run out of things to talk about, so I’ll show you how to do that.
  • Very early in the piece we’re gong to be talking about who are you talking to. Even with this blog I’m talking to a persona that is very, very specific to the people that I want to deal with down the track, and it’s probably you. (If it’s not then somethings gone horribly wrong. )
  • What is the budget for a video series, or just for each video? I’m going to take you through another session on what you can do with zero money, so $0 budget.
  • There’s going to be one on what you can do with under $500
  • There’s going to be another one on what you can do if you’ve got a budget of between $500 and $1,000
  • Finally there’s going to be something that you can do with a budget over $1,000. We’ll cover all of that.
  • How long should each video be? Different rules of course.
  • What’s the shelf life of each video, we’ll talk about as well.
  • How to make it a direct camera video – there are various ways that you can do that. Again, for free.
  • What is the impact of video on your SEO, (your search engine optimization?) How important is it to get this onto your website so that people can find you on Google, or some other search engine?

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Born and raised in the Riverina, Adam Drummond is an actor, a presenter and a businessman with a history in real estate and the entertainment industry.
In May 2015, Adam combined his knowledge of business and his experience in front of and behind the camera to create—a 24/7 online TV and video stream of local content, including sports, news, business and chat shows. The platform is about to launch its network ReechTV, with Adam looking to license the brand to other regional locations across the country as an app for both the iOS and Android markets. He is available for comment or questions at or by phone on 0269 71 7771.


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