Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga is hosting a free public lecture to address the key issues threatening native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin.

The ‘Thinking Fish – Saving Native Fish in the Murray-Darling Basin’ event was previously held in Dubbo and is coming to Wagga Wagga on Thursday 12 March.

The event aims to generate community discussion and debate about the key issues threatening native fish in the 77,000 kilometres of river and waterways encompassing the Murray-Darling Basin, and to discuss what needs to be done to promote recovery of native fish populations.

Speakers at the Wagga Wagga event include OzFish Unlimited Director Mr Matt Hansen, Port Stephens Fisheries Institute ecologist Dr Craig Boys, and Murray-Darling Basin Authority Assistant Director – Riverine Ecology Mr Stu Little.

Charles Sturt Director of External Engagement for Wagga Wagga Ms Samantha Beresford said these issues affect many communities that the University services.

“Charles Sturt University has experts conducting research into these waterways and is working with stakeholders to improve the quality of the Murray-Darling Basin,” she said.


“Hosting lectures such as Thinking Fish allows the University to showcase this research and inform the public on issues that matter in their community and environment.”

Charles Sturt Adjunct Professor and Senior Fisheries Scientist, Freshwater Ecosystems with NSW Department of Industry Dr Craig Boys said while the situation facing our rivers and native fish is dire, it is recoverable. He said events such as this lecture are crucial, not only to raise public awareness of the issues, but to galvanise community support for implementing solutions.

“It is tough to witness what is happening in our rivers at the moment,” he said.

“Drought, zero flows, algal blooms, massive fish kills … but let’s not be mistaken, this is all completely reversible.

“But it will require us all working collectively toward a shared vision of healthy, sustainable rivers. It will require concerted effort to restore flows, build fishways, rehabilitate instream habitats and screen water diversions.”


The event was organised by OzFish Unlimited and funded by the Murray Darling Basin Authority and BCF – Boating, Camping and Fishing.  Thinking Fish will be held on Thursday 12 March at Charles Sturt in Wagga Wagga at the Convention Centre (building 230) from 6pm.

Light refreshments will be served and registrations must be made via the Eventbrite website.

Media release: CSU