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keep it local

Your story told through the eyes of your customers, your staff and yourself. ‘Keep it Local’ videos communicate your culture, your passions and your service commitment to your audience and answers the important question…why should they choose you?


[www-div class=”csm-desc”]Illumin8 videos provide your audience with an opportunity to learn a new skill, discover a new approach, or gain valuable and unique knowledge in an area that benefits their life. What have you always wanted to teach your audience? Illumin8 videos work well as a series to enlighten your audience whilst building trust and admiration in you and your brand.[/www-div]

behind the scenes

[www-div class=”csm-desc”]Behind the scenes videos provide an exciting and engaging way for you to unveil to your audience what they rarely get a chance to see – the inner workings of your brand, how passionate and unique you are, and the approaches and technologies you employ that makes you the best choice in your market or industry.[/www-div]