Council to pay mardi gras sponsorship
Wagga City Council will honour its sponsorship of up to $20,000 for this year’s Wagga Mardi Gras which was cancelled the day before the event earlier this month. Council agreed to endorse a recommendation to not seek reimbursement for the first payment of $10,000 and approve the final payment of up to $10,000 to event organiser HC Events Pty Ltd.
The second payment will be made following clarification on costs incurred and sponsorship income received. The mardi gras was cancelled on Friday 13 March, 2020 due to circumstances outside the
reasonable control of the organiser. The cancellation was made following a meeting with the event organiser in relation to COVID-19 circumstances and mass gathering information that had been made available at the time. It was acknowledged that there has been a financial impact on the event organiser, and substantial costs had been incurred.


Media release: Wagga City Council