Council to consider rescission motion at extraordinary meeting next Wednesday afternoon Wagga Wagga City Council will consider a motion to rescind the resolution of Council which was made by three Councillors on Tuesday night to repeal and sever, any and all sister city and friendship agreements associated with China. The resolution was passed in unusual and unfortunate circumstances which enabled the three Councillors to pass a motion which is strongly opposed by the majority of the elected members. It is expected that the rescission motion will be passed. Even the Acting Chair from Tuesday night’s meeting, who effectively passed the motion with his casting vote, has now publicly apologised for making the wrong decision and he supports the rescission motion.  The majority of Councillors have expressed their deep regret that the resolution has caused harm to the reputation of the city and completely misrepresents the inclusive and multicultural heart of the community. Councillors have written to me and requested an extraordinary meeting of Council to consider the rescission motion and also a report seeking a resolution to write to the City of Kunming to confirm that the City of Wagga Wagga highly values its relationship with our sister city in China, and that the city looks forward to our strong friendship continuing.


Media release: Wagga City Council