That’s the question we have been asking ourselves lately when it comes to all the white noise in the online media space.

What a month!  From an internationally reported “stoush” with American cable network HBO to a 5 minute radio spot on BBC 5 LIVE for the Rugby World Cup, we have certainly been joining the big players when it comes to exposure in October!

Our LIVE events included the Wagga Fest Short Film Festival which attracted several hundred viewers online and we awarded the Best Visual Award to the overall winners Klutch Kable and Sheraden Robins.  Watch the whole livestream here.

We also livestreamed the T20 Cricket Calcutta Auction from the William Farrer Hotel.  Watch the full auction here.

We are also extremely proud of our statistics to date as it justifies the number of local businesses who have supported us as advertisers on the WWTV platform.  From promotions on our platform of stage productions such as Legally Blonde and Wild Goose Chase to 30 second call to actions ads for the Mega Monthly Draws at the RSL and Commercial Clubs, WWTV has now also expanded into the world of TVC (television commercial productions).  We can now produce 15 or 30 second TVC for your business to be played anywhere including TV and radio.  We have quite a few coming up prior to Christmas so keep an eye out.

Break up of Statistics and Demographics at a glance.

113,000 page views (up from 96,000 last month)

27,000 to 31,000 Unique Users (up from 23,000 to 27,000 last month)

Average time watching Broadcast 11 minutes 28 seconds (down from 11 minutes 48 seconds last month)

Front Page Broadcast 354,000 minutes watched in total

Age group of viewers:

25-34 (6,235 +)

35-44 (5,779)

45-54 (4,147)

18-24 (3,990)

55-64 (2,374)

65+ (1,139)

On-Demand (Vimeo) * Note we changed our website over to Vimeo mid-October

41,000 page loads (our site has auto-play enabled on desktops and laptops so only counts loads not “plays” for these instances)

13,800 plays

What’s the difference between a load and a play?

A load is counted each time the video player loads on any page, either on or wherever a video is embedded. A play is counted each time someone pushes the play button on a video

Reasons for Growth


  • Free publicity courtesy of HBO vs WWTV which made international news. Read all the articles HERE and HERE
  • New website layout! We used to have 5 clicks from the home page before you could play an on-demand video.  Guess what?  We got it down to 1 click.  This means when someone clicks on a show from the homepage it automatically plays the latest episode.  This is because we installed a plug-in from our video hosting site Vimeo, which is why there is a spike in plays on Vimeo in the above stats for October.  More people watching on-demand, means more people seeing our advertisers who are embedded into nearly every program.  Check out our new homepage and site lay out HERE.ep 13 c
  • Our regular nightly weekday shows continue to attract audiences:
  • The Adam Drummond Show Monday Nights at 6.30pm
  • Gigs, Unleash the Geek and What’s Up Wagga LIVE or Pre-Recorded for 6.30pm on alternate Tuesday nights
  • The 5 O’Clock Wave Wednesday nights LIVE at 7pm
  • Lighten Up Wagga reality series Wednesday nights at 7.30pm
  • The Wagga Zone (more information below) Pre-Recorded for 6.30pm Thursday (loops from 6.30pm Thursday to 2pm Friday)
  • Your House, Tickets Please and Tackle Box Pre-Recorded for 6.30pm on alternate Friday nights.
  • The Wagga Zone is growing! So much so we are now expanding our shoot times to all day Thursday to fit in more businesses.  If you are a VIP you have free appearances up your sleeve, so call Adam to find out how many you are entitled to.  Recorded in The Australian Arcade WWTV Level 1 Studio each Thursday between 9.30am and 5.30pm.

on demandThe Wagga Zone is a 3-4 minute chat with a host in a “lounge-style” format and includes the 6.30pm Thursday to 2pm Friday broadcast loop, a direct link of the business’s individual segment on Vimeo for embedding or sharing on social media, e-magazines and e-signatures.  People have embraced it so much the majority have booked in the same time slot for 10 weeks.

At $150 + GST per episode, we have created an affordable way for business people to embrace online video media and advertising.

Future Goals

(We have crossed out the ones we have achieved for the month) 

Introduce the 6.30pm week night time slot.  (Begins 7th September)

Introduce business show “The Wagga Zone” (Begins 17th September)

Be known for livestreaming important and topical events (parking forum, NAIDOC week celebrations, sporting grand finals, match of the rounds)

Increase the target audience numbers for each program

  • Introduce school aged content – We have now trained some students from a well-known High School here in Wagga on how to produce their own production. The first episode should be up by the end of the year.

Introduce prizes and give-aways for each show to audience members – we will be doing a give-away sponsor call out soon

  • Online Video Promotions – we have just completed voice overs for our new nightly line up of content, so stay tuned for each show being promoted shortly

These will go up this week!

  • Marketing Partnership Program – we are about to seek marketing partners for a massive marketing push starting in Nov/Dec. The partnership is available to a maximum of only two other businesses and means that you automatically appear on our marketing collateral with your logo as a major supporter of  Please contact Adam on 02 6971 7771 to find out more..
  • How do I get more involved with WWTV?

I am so glad you asked.  Depending on your budget here are some options:

The Business Directory

Unsure if it makes a difference being on our directory?  Restaurants is the 10th most visited page on our site with over 1,000 hits to date.  The entire business directory has had in excess of 7,000 page hits.  We also have over 650 businesses featured on the directory now, so if you can’t find yourself there please click THIS LINK.



I want to be a VIP

Don’t we all!  The benefit of being a VIP on a 12 month plan at is you receive perks no one else does, including: 

  • 500 to 1,500 appearances per month on our home page broadcast loop
  • Randomly included as an ad during our regular programs
  • Randomly included in massive live events such as The Grand Final of Group 9
  • 10 x free appearances on the Wagga Zone for Bronze, 15 x free appearances on the Wagga Zone for Silver and 20 free appearances on the Wagga Zone for Gold. 

The Wagga Zone

Simply email Adam at to find out how you can create your own industry series.  It’s just $150 + GST per appearance.

Broadcast Sponsorships NOW AVAILABLE

Want to “own” the space?  We have exclusive packages available for large businesses and brands that want to DOMINATE!

Email to find out more.

Prize Sponsor

All prize sponsors that contribute a retail value of at least $200 + per month will be featured as the prize sponsor for that show and will also be promoted via our social channels such as Facebook (we have an average weekly user reach of between 10,000 and 30,000!) to find out how your generous donation of a prize could get you more eyes on your brand.

Advertise on our Home Page Broadcast Loop

Already have a video or commercial?  Need a 15 second, 30 second or 1 minute shot?  Once you have a commercial we can loop it on our homepage 500 to 1,500 times a day!  Yeah that’s good value.  Prices start at just $250 + GST per month. for more information.