Sources close to council say that Greg Conkey is likely to be the next Mayor with previous Mayors Kerry Pascoe and Rod Kendall not having the numbers to win the post. In a turnaround of events over the weekend Paul Funnell will most likely not put his hand up for the position and the Mayoral vote will be between two candidates being Conkey and Riverina Labor councillor, Dan Hayes.

However, whilst Hayes chances increase without Pascoe, Kendall and Funnell contesting, punters say that Conkey has the numbers being supported by Braid, Pascoe, Funnell and Tout at the very least which is all he needs to get the nod. Dallas Tout will more than likely remain as Deputy uncontested.
For a full wrap up of the vote tomorrow night where nearly anything is still possible at the last moment, join Adam Drummond and former Mayor John Harding for a livestream of the Mayoral and Deputy Mayor vote from 6pm on

We will have more information about tomorrow night’s election at 4pm on The Wagga Daily with Tony Pritchard.