The most common objection I hear from businesses who aren’t using videos in a strategic way, is that they just don’t have the time. Believe me, I relate to this sentiment just as much as the next person responding to emails, flicking through Facebook and occasionally serving a customer.

But time is not an excuse when it comes to business.
Whenever I feel like I don’t have enough time, I remind myself that William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets in his 52 years on the planet and Stephen King is still writing thrillers, sci-fi and fantasy fiction. To date, he has published 56 novels and nearly 200 short stories and he is 69 years old. Paul McCartney has written or co-written 129 songs in his career, with 91 singles hitting the top 10 in the UK charts and 33 of those making it to number 1. When you put it in perspective, we all have enough time to be brilliant…we just sometimes find excuses not to be.

I digress.

Because I can relate to what it’s like to be busy at work, busy with business, busy reacting to lots and lots of different little things…busy…busy…busy…I created a little cheat production called The Social Quick Tip. ®

This is specifically designed for people running businesses who literally have enough on their plate, but know that video is the key to reaching new customers and closing more leads by building rapport and establishing authority. The name sums up exactly what their purpose is.

They are “quick” – usually 2 to 5 minutes – “social” in that they upload nicely to Facebook, Twitter and other channels – “tip” because the best thing to help your customers out with, is a tip on what makes their life better. (Clearly the answer is by purchasing off you.)

“But I can do that for free with my i-Phone” I hear you say. “True”, I reply. However there is a cost to “free” – and that cost is “time”…and you don’t have it. So we developed these Social Quick Tips ® to allow you to book and pay in one place (provided you live in Wagga Wagga at this stage) and then we come to you.

Here are your options:

1. Go to my closed Facebook group “Video Tips For Business” and pick up some further tips on creating a video series, learning about audience personas and a lot more. You can ask questions, watch livestreams or video tutorials.

2. Email for more information on Social Quick Tips

3. Go to if you prefer to do things solo. There are examples and testimonials of other Social Quick Tippers (I don’t know if that name will stick) proving that they have value and reward.

The vast majority of business people we produce these tips for, lock into 10 or 12 so they have a full library of content over the year releasing one video roughly every month. So, if your budget for video for the year is about $2,500 plus a little bit for boosting on FB (I recommend $50 to $100 as this will give you a reach of 11,000 to 22,000 and roughly 2,500 to 5,000 video views targeted to the people who need what you sell) then these may be for you.


Born and raised in the Riverina, Adam Drummond is an actor, presenter and businessman with a history in real estate and the entertainment industry.
In May 2015, Adam combined his knowledge of business and his experience in front of and behind the camera to create—a 24/7 online TV and video stream of local content, including sports, news, business and chat shows. The platform is about to launch its network ReechTV, with Adam looking to license the brand to other regional locations across the country as an app for both the iOS and Android markets. He is available for comment or questions at or by phone on 0269 71 7771.


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