Last week during NSW Budget Estimates the Government was unable to provide information about the long delayed corridor study. Through questioning by Labor MLC the Hon. Mick Veitch, Transport for NSW representatives were unable to answer a range of questions on the corridor study that was conducted in 2015, completed in 2017, but still not released.
The Hon. MICK VEITCH: If you could take that on notice. The date of that study you spoke about, the movement study, when was that conducted would be handy as well; the date that was concluded. Mr FULLER: Sure. The corridor study was intended to help provide information and solutions to managing traffic in the years to come but it seems that the Gobbagombalin bridge intersections and Marshalls Creek bridge are being dealt with outside of the corridor study.

Labor Wagga Wagga City Councillor Dan Hayes says “When the Government looks for short term fixes, the community are the ones who are left with the problem. It would be a clear expectation that a major study into the two highways would be instrumental in future planning for Wagga and providing future proofing of Gobbagombalin bridge and Marshall Creek bridge. Instead we have the Government looking at providing short term solutions, setting us up for problems just down the road”.

Media release: Dan Hayes Wagga Wagga City Councillor