Times are tough, budgets are tight, and everyone is playing each week as it comes – BUT, that’s an even better reason to tell your story. And to help with tight budgets and uncertain times  waggawagga.tv is giving a discount on our TV Commercial productions until June 30 th this year.

Instead of paying $1,250 + GST, we are offering TV Commercial productions for $850 + GST.  These can be used on broadcast TV stations (excludes CAD and delivery charges) or on social media, websites, YouTube, your e-signature – wherever you like!

What do you get in the production?

 Concept and script consultation
 2 hours of shooting at your place of business
 Up to 2 professional voice overs
 Waggawagga.tv selected creative music

Want something more elaborate and story focused? Ask us about our Creative Narrative TV Commercials starting from $2,500 + GST.

Check out our TV Commercials here for more ideas:

Entry Level 1-hour Shoot TVC – RRP $850 + GST
Mid-Tier 2-hour Shoot TVC – RRP $1,250 + GST now $850 + GST until June 30 th , 2020
Creative Narrative – RRP start from $2,500 + GST

Top 7 Reasons Why it’s a Good Time to Tell Your Story Now?

Whilst many people think that cutting expenses during uncertain times is just what you have to do, it may pay to spend a little time on working out which expenses being cut will also cost you “return on investment”. Advertising, marketing, promoting your story, should be an area you consider NOT cutting and here’s why:

1. People need to know you haven’t disappeared or worse that you’ve closed. By being visible, you remain approachable. Imagine when times change, and business picks up but your customers don’t come around because they assumed you closed!

2. Your competitors are most likely pulling back on promotion – that’s a good time to stand out isn’t it? You usually advertise when times are great, but so do they! Time to use up some space whilst they’re not as visible.

3. Ad hoc is your enemy. By remaining a constant reminder that you are available and ready to do business, customers are more likely to remember to use you when the time is right for them.

4. It means you’re winning. And winning means you’re the right place to go for potential customers or clients.

5. Now’s the time for a deal. Customers are also conscious of paying too much for too many things – why don’t you offer them a discount to help them make a purchasing decision (that’s what we’re doing!) Everyone loves a bargain – especially when things are tight.

6. It’s cheaper to place your ads – ad placement costs are based on supply vs demand. Lower demand means cheaper prices particularly in traditional mediums such as TV and radio.

7. You’re still a problem solver – make sure people know that your products or services solve their problem.