Numbers don’t lie.  That was making me a bit nervous as we went into our first week of business as an advertising platform.  How do you know what is a measurable success or a miserable failure?

I joked on ABC radio a couple of weeks ago that more than 5 viewers would be a success as it meant that more than just my family was watching our online TV station.  To be honest, I didn’t know what number was going to make the grade and how many viewers we would even get.

You can imagine my surprise when I checked our to find we had over 17,000 page views in just 7 days.

Over 3,800 individual sessions with over 2,700 individual users amounted to a massive 15,030 minutes watched of our broadcast system.

Week 1 Blog - The Numbers


What does this mean?  It means that our wonderful first sponsors had a lot of exposure and we are ensuring there is more to come.

The sceptics out there will be the first to point out that whenever something new arrives of course it will have a spike in activity as people are curious to see what it’s all about.  Then invariably the numbers will drop and maybe even plateau within a week or so.

Well, it’s lucky I’m not a sceptic.  I think that may be the case if everything stays the same – but we are not staying the same here at  In fact we will be shaking things up each and every week with some exciting new developments already in the planning.

As you know, one of our drawcards is our line-up of local talent who are hosting our shows.  We already have each of these shows in our on-demand library of content (check it out here and share with your friends.)  ON-DEMAND SHOWS

The majority of these programs will be updated weekly (we repeated them for the first two weeks for people who missed our launch week), however we won’t just be showing regular programs on our platform.

This week we are doing our first ever Sports Livestream with host Joe Williams defending his world title against Benny “The Jet” Warburton at Cootamundra Town Hall on Saturday the 30th May from 6pm.  We are even experimenting by hosting the fight on the big screen at The William Farrer via Google Chromecast – yes, that’s right, you can cast the image from your computer screen to any TV with an HDMI outlet and watch on your telly!

Then, in the pipeline we have a few live shows that will occur at the same time each week.  For starters we are in talks with several local fishermen to bring “Tackle Box” to screens everywhere on a regular Saturday morning.  Then we will have “Business Spotlight” where one lucky business each week gets to talk for 4 minutes at their place of business about whatever they like FOR FREE!  We will run a weekly competition to determine who gets the Business Spotlight.  In a very similar vein we will be introducing Charity Spotlight where we talk with a local charity LIVE about their cause.

The more we can create a regular time slot for shows and live events, the more regular our audience for your brand.

Speaking of which, we had four advertisers within our first week of business with another four being added next week, which makes us very excited because it means we are telling more local stories about local businesses.

Each promotion appears over 100 times during the month including over 50 free ones during the quiet of the night!

Also, we are introducing some even better value for our ongoing advertisers:  Introducing “Brands on Demand” a new page coming soon that showcases all of our 12 month clients’ video promotions.  If you sign up to a 12 month package you will enjoy a library of videos that you can share with your clients, your staff and your prospects!  However, there are other ways you can be in the “Brands on Demand” page without being a 12 month client – email me for more information.

For full sponsorship opportunities on or to find out how you can be included within a program for as little as $50 + GST, email me at and get into the new era in online advertising.

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