We will premiere our first episode of our new mini-doco series called “In Depth” focusing on local people behind the scenes of their lives or occupations. Tonight, the first episode focuses on Superintendent Bob Noble, who takes us behind the scenes of Wagga’s Police station during COVID-19.
We discuss topics such as Wagga’s crime activity pre and during the Corona Virus crisis, Domestic Violence in Wagga, Suicide rates and prevention during this period of uncertainty and much more.
Big thanks to Wagga Police and Bob for allowing us into the station to ask any question. Bob never refused a question as you will see, even when touching on subjects very close to his heart. I hope you enjoy this first episode as I’ll be bringing you one every week.

Episode 2

Wagga’s very own Ultra Marathon Man, Rick Storrier speaks with host Marguerite McKinnon about his next 24 hour challenge, and we find out all about SoAct’s 2020 Season from their launch rceently at the Pavilion. Find out here and have your say on local topics that matter. Other programs including Member Matters, Council Corner and the Wagga Daily are on our 24/7 livestreaming Loop at www.waggawagga.tv.

Episode 1

Our first edition of “About Town” with Marguerite McKinnon tackles the issue of Climate Change with local activists Wagga Fridays for Future. How have they handled statements from Federal Riverina Member Michael McCormack MP regarding their time spent protesting on his door steps? What evidence are they relying on to base their concerns for immediate action? Find out here in our in-depth program About Town. To view all our programs including Council Corner, Member Matters, Tourism and Events Snapshot and the Wagga Daily, go to www.waggawagga.tv. What are your thoughts on Climate Change from your local perspective? Let us know on Facebook.