“waggawagga.tv is a Video Production and Livestreaming company specialising in corporate videos, TV and radio commercial productions and live streaming of events.

waggawagga.tv also boasts a huge schedule of local interest content such as sport, news bulletins, and business related studio programs, which have a combined audience of over 1.5 million views per year.

This gives waggawagga.tv a distinct point of difference – local content, local production and local distribution – perfect for local businesses looking to reach a targeted and qualified audience.”

extraordinary programming

Audiences can view waggawagga.tv free of charge to any mobile device or computer by simply logging onto www.waggawagga.tv. We simulcast to Facebook Live all our local news and local sports.  We can even simulcast to your Business page if you are sponsoring an event.

live events

waggawagga.tv is a revolutionary way for locals to be entertained, informed and to be discovered, all in their own back yard.

on demand videos

“It’s not TV, it’s dot TV.”

about us