This has probably been the most frequent question I’ve been asked lately.  “What are you up to?”  And until recently I’ve had long-winded, overly complicated answers that used to frustrate my wife to no end.

Now, things are different.  I have a really clear path for the future and I don’t think I’ve been this excited since donning a home-made wolf costume for my first ever stage performance as the Big Bad Wolf in a Moulamein Central School stage production of “Mixed Nursery Rhymes” – I was 7.

Since leaving the world of real estate behind nearly a year ago now, after 12 years of service, I have decided to start something a little unique – we will be launching an online TV station complete with live broadcasts, locally produced, original shows and existing content licensed to our site.  What was once existing as a show of video content acting as a library of interviews and stories is going to evolve into a new site with on-demand and live broadcast content.

In the back end we will also be creating a stylish and aesthetically appealing directory for local businesses, organisations and events in and around Wagga.  This will be a great place for tourists to check out what we have to offer in town and also for local residents wanting to see what’s happening in their beautiful city.

So, when is it all happening?  We are looking to launch in April with a bang!  However we will start to roll out more teasers and information about how you can be directly involved over the coming weeks.

“What about your Facebook stuff?”  is the other question people are asking.  I was consulting on all social media platforms, however after much deliberation we have decided to offer tailored Facebook business management solutions for businesses of all budgets.  As Facebook changes its algorithms as often as it does, it’s becoming harder and harder for local, businesses to be noticed on the social media site.

To this end we now offer packages starting at $350pm to $1,500pm depending on your needs and marketing goals.

This is about as succinct as I can get with our new services we are offering and you check it all out now that I’ve updated my personal site to reflect our new direction.

Please enquire about any of this at or check out our site to find out more.