We are constantly telling people how good we are…so arrogant aren’t we!  “We can do this…we promise that…you’ll get this…”

The problem with telling potential customers how good you are is that they just may not believe it.  We find the best stories are delivered by your clients – not you.  People may say testimonial videos are so yesterday, but I challenge anyone who can come up with a more honest and open way to highlight your achievements than through the results, as realised by your customers.

And, no, not all testimonial videos are the same!  We personally love the ability to show your customers, hear their words and see what they are talking about too.


Understand the Statistics

Long videos = less views

Professional videos = more calls

Distribution strategies = more eye balls

Having the production is one thing, where you place it is an entirely different prospect.  Are you aware of what mediums are too expensive for your ROI?  Do you know which platforms are best for your goals?  What’s the difference between Facebook views and Platform views?

We find the more you know, the more effective your results.

Adam Drummond is CEO and creator of www.waggawagga.tv – an online TV station and streaming company.  waggawagga.tv in association with production partner Clean Slate Media have created over 300 videos, produced over 20 individual programs and amassed a viewing audience of over 330,000 and over 400,000 minutes watched of their content since May 2015.  Adam can be contacted directly on 02 6971 7771